Putting On Your Make Up Faster

makeupIt is fair to say that most people want to achieve the level of glamor and beauty most models and icons depict using their make up.

Since a lot of effort goes into achieving that perfection, it is often thought that applying make up is a lengthy activity. However, if you have ever woken up late for work or just taken up responsibilities that need to up early, it is important to learn how to put on make up fast.

There are various techniques that can be used to make the process as simple and fast as possible without compromising the end result. You do jot only want to save time and must focus on achieving the best look. Here are some ways to put on your make up without consuming much time.

Use mascara – It may seem like mascara take forever to be nicely finished. However, the secret is to keep your brush clean so you would not need to do it in the morning. Clean the brush before going to bed and never use too much when you wake up. Mascara can go along way in keeping you gorgeous all day and you may not need to add any other eye make up.

Use big fluffy brushes – Make up is all about cosmetic products and brushes. Big fluffy brushes are the most recommended options when looking for fast outcome. They are perfect for powder make up and blush since they provide a wash color that is easy to blend.

Organize a make up area on your vanity – Set up a well-organized make up area on your vanity or bathroom counter. Lay all you make up kits and tools on the counter before going to bed. It is easier to find them there than in stuffed bags. This also makes it convenient since it is the same place you brush your teeth and lips.

Pencil eyeliner – It is much easier to handle a pencil eyeliner than any liquid or gel. They are also quicker to apply and do not need much keenness.

3 in 1 products – You can find various 3-in-1 products that can be used for the eyes, lips and cheeks. This cuts off a few seconds used alternating between products. Look for natural shades like warm rose or berry.

There are many things you can do to learn how to put on make up fast. Depending on the products and processes used, you can do a little research to find alternative methods that take less time to complete. Using neutral colors that do not require heightened perfection, long-wearing formulas ad spray finishing (instead of re-application) are all ways of saving extra seconds in your routine. Always choose cuts and style that complement your natural complexion so that make up will only come in as a complement that accentuates already defined styles.

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