Body Treatment in a SPA

The body scrub is a favorite treatment for the body. It is mainly done so as to hydrate and exfoliate the skin so as to leave it soft and smooth. The body scrub is usually done with a rough material like coffee grounds, pecan hulls, sugar, or salt that is mixed with the massage oil. The scrub is usually named according to the medium used; for instance, if salt is used it is referred to as the sea salt scrub, salt glow, or salt scrub. The Vimi Med Spa offers body scrub among the other services. The exfoliation is usually followed by having a shower and the application of lotion.


What happens?

The body scrub usually takes place in a wet room that has a drain and a tile floor. The massage therapists often offerpool their clients with the disposable underwear when they leave the massage room.

The customer is often asked to first face-down on the massage table that is typically covered with a thin plastic, sheet, or towel on a unique wettable. Once the client is ready, the therapist will gently rub the exfoliate off the back, feet, legs, and arms of the customer.

Spa treatments

The spa treatments refer to the various types of massage that are offered in the massage clinics. The facial and body treatment are usually part of the spa treatments. The salt glow and the body wraps are some of the techniques used in the body treatments. The spa pedicure and manicure deal majorly with the beauty of the fingers, nails, and toes.

These services are available in many salons. Modern salons have different areas where various services that are offered are performed by experts in the respective fields. The service that is provided by the spa is called the spa treatment. Particular types of massage have usually opted after the initial treatment. They include Thai massage, reflexology, and the hot stone massage just but to mention a few.

Visiting the spa

footVisiting the spa is advised in the early stage. There are experts who upon examining you will determine the kind of facial and body treatment that you will undergo. The initial step is usually focused on removing the toxins from the face so that the skin remains rejuvenated and hydrated.

Exfoliation and cleansing are the essential treatments in the spa.

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