Things To Know Before Going For Lash Extension

Every girl out there dies for longer, stunning and healthy looking lashes to look pretty. Whether you are a model or just a common female who want to look good and full of life, you should enhance your lashes to kill it. The face is the first part of the body that everybody stares at during the first glance. And they say there no second chances when it comes to first impressions.
Beauty always catches everybody’s attention and as well boosts one’s self-esteem. Therefore, you do not want to miss the point because of your unkempt eyelashes. In fact, there are thousands of salons with expertise both locally and internationally. However, the big question is where do we find them and what do we need to know before going for Lash extension. The following some of the very important things to apprehend before visiting a salon like Leface Boutique or any other of your choice.

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Do your homework

You can only do yourself justice by first looking for a reputed technician who has all it takes to handle your lashes properly. Always go through the testimonials and customer reviews on their official website. Ensure that the reviews are legitimate and most of them should be positive. When the lash extension goes wrong they can even tear down your natural eyelashes. Therefore, do your homework when looking for the best salon with people who are qualified to do that job. You can check their social media platforms to see the past and recent works. This will help you to make the right decision. Nobody wants to have clumpy and spidery eyelashes extensions with the regular glue dots during their special day.


Common types of extensions

You should always know the types of lash extensions and be able to identify the one that you will look amazing with. The common types of eyelash extensions are synthetic, milk and silk. The sizes are available in ranges which may start from approximately 5mm to 18mm. The lashes are applied one by one in uniquely formulated and semi-permanent glue. A qualified tech will always apply glue that will not irritate your eyes or even damage your natural lashes. The type glue and lash applied depend on your personal preference and your skin sensitivity.


Time taken

Another important thing to note is the time taken to apply for the lash extensions. When applying a complete set of eyelash extensions, can take close to two hours. You can survive with it for almost a full year while doing touch-ups at-most after one month. The time take solely depend on the type of extensions and the state of your natural lashes.


Safety and caution

In whatever you do to enhance your looks, ensure you value your safety above everything. Never do something that will harm your natural being. Ensure that the application is done carefully by a qualified and reputed tech. There are many shortcomings that may come in when being applied with the extensions. A good salon has eye covers that protect the glue from entering your eyes. A qualified will never allow an infection to occur or cause irritation in your eyes. You should also note that you cannot go blind because your eyes will be closed during the entire process.

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