Type Of Lipstick To Choose

The beauty and makeup industry is constantly innovating and reinventing itself.

With brands releasing new products and textures seemingly every single day. Making tasks like finding out what type of lipstick to choose hard to accomplish for the beginner or even the everyday woman.

The best way to make this choice somewhat easier to cope with is to look at the textures available and the woman’s own lips and lifestyle, and match their needs with the benefits from each texture, so they can find the right one.

A woman who works the whole day with few interruptions, for instance, might want a matte or liquid lipstick, which is a lot more likely to stay in place for long periods and less likely to rub off, transfer or smear throughout the day. This type of lipstick is quite trendy at the moment, and for that reason it is
quite easy to find at different price points. It might, however, not work for every woman, especially if they have drier or more sensitive lips than most people.lips

Women with dry or sensitive lips should look for creamier textures, which are usually more comfortable to wear and can even be hydrating, depending on the formula. If they still want something which is quite long-lasting, they should either look for a creamy-matte formula, which is not as foolproof as a true
matte texture, but is usually equally long-lasting, or for a lip stain balm, which will combine the benefits of a common lip balm with some color and lasting power.

Lip stains or colored lip balms aren’t only good for women with dry or sensitive lips, however. They are also a great option for younger women on even teenagers, who are starting to appreciate make up but can’t or don’t want to wear something as obvious as a fully opaque lipstick. These kinds of lipsticks come in a number of different formats, from chapstick-like tubes, to pots – which a lot of times can also be used on the cheeks – to crayons. These last ones are particularly good for someone who wants a very smooth, professional finish, as the pencil-like shape of the lipstick makes it easier to stay within the lines of the lips and obtain a sharp, clean edge.

Finally, there is one last type – or rather finish – of lipstick worth mentioning, which is metallic andlipstick glitter lipstick. While not exactly wearable, this kind of shiny, high-impact lipstick is coming back into fashion, and though it is certainly not meant to be worn at school or the office, it can be quite a fun option for a party. Women with sensitive lips, however, should steer clear of this kind of lipstick, as the shimmer particles it usually contains are likely to irritate their lips.

Figuring out what type of lipstick to choose is really more about personal preference than anything else, at the end of the day, but the guide above should give women an idea of where to start looking for the right texture. In any case, experience will likely allow them to recognize what they like and don’t like over time and make the choice much easier.

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